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Wastewater Engineering 

Water Supply

Aries has successfully completed numerous water supply exploration and development projects, well head protection area evaluations, and well field yield/water budget assessments for private and public entities throughout New England.  Aries’ professional geologists are adept at locating water supplies to meet our clients’ needs and assist them with sustainable and resilient use of the aquifer whenever possible.  We excel in applying quantitative evaluations to address issues that water suppliers face.

In accordance with your project specific requirements, Aries and our subcontractors conduct field studies that may consist of a combination of some of the following:

  • Surface and down-hole geophysics to assess where the water quantity and quality are favorable for use;
  • Step-tests, pump tests, packer tests, and cross-hole pump tests to quantitatively estimate production potential, interconnections among wells and aquifer zones, and provide well system design data;
  • Groundwater sampling and analysis, background fluorescence analysis, and fluorescent dye tracing to evaluate the water quality and zone of contribution for the supply well; and
  • Manage and present field data using ESRI ArcGIS to spatially analyze data for area wide visual presentation.

The field data, analytical solutions and groundwater models are presented in a clear and comprehensive fashion to assist our clients in making informed decisions regarding water supply development and protection.  Most projects require an analytical solution to address whether the aquifer may produce enough volume to be considered for water supply use and if a withdrawal may be sustained.  Complex situations with large well fields that are being stressed with withdrawals in various zones are effectively addressed using a groundwater model.  Aries’ developed groundwater flow and solute transport models for large municipal well fields in outwash sand and gravel aquifers and high yield fractured bedrock water supplies.  Our groundwater and solute transport modeling as well as geostatistical analyses are provided within a GIS groundwater modeling frame work.  Aries can apply the groundwater models to forecast various the outcomes to questions our clients may raise about water supply use potential effects on the on the aquifer system. 

Many of Aries’ water supply projects are related to preventing or remediating contaminated groundwater impacts to the water supplies.  We have applied a variety of techniques to solve water supply issues ranging from well head treatment, interceptor wells, alternating pumping scenarios, water budget related pumping controls, well refurbishing, water blending and off-site source treatment. 

Wastewater Engineering

Many of Aries’ private industrial clients have wastewater discharges that require permitting, treatment, monitoring and modification as processes change.  Aries has assisted our clients with their wastewater management and treatment including discharge permitting and monitoring requirements.  With more than 30 years of working with New England industries we have a deep appreciation and understanding regarding the challenges that industry faces in cost effectively neutralizing or treating their wastewaters while minimizing wastes. 

Aries’ civil, chemical and environmental engineers have the experience to assist your firm with a site specific solution to your wastewater requirements.  We have clients generating wastewater from production lines that are growing cells for medical use, producing food products, and manufacturing industrial welding equipment.  Wastewater treatment technology is continually improving with several water reclamation systems capable of delivering potable water.  Many communities are looking at their wastewater in a watershed fashion assessing impacts on supply, storm water, groundwater, ecosystem, adding to the resiliency of their water system use. 

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