Volunteer River Sampling

Upper Merrimack River Bacteria Monitoring

Aries is proud to support the Upper Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee (UMRLAC) in its effort to monitor water quality in the Merrimack River.  Since 1996, Aries has collected water quality samples in conjunction with the UMRLAC to assess river water E. coli bacteria counts. 

Aries also assists the UMRLAC with deployment and retrieval of rock baskets in the river, which are used to collect macroinvertebrates to assess the river ecosystem’s health and diversity.  More information regarding the UMRLAC is available at: https://www.merrimackriver.org/programs/ummp.php

River Sampling

September 3, 2019


George C. Holt, P.G.
Principal Hydrogeologist

Environmental Consultants in Concord, New Hampshire

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