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Problem Nature and Extent

In 1989, a fire at the facility print shop solvent still area resulted in releasing chlorinated solvents to the soil and groundwater.  Site investigation revealed a dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) source located beneath the former print shop area, as well as in a low-lying area located down slope from the site due to the overland migration of an estimated 300,000 gallons of VOC-containing fire suppression water.  Chlorinated VOCs were detected in the site and downgradient bedrock water supply wells at concentrations exceeding drinking water standards.  Aries’ was retained by PAK 2000 and their counsel to study the contaminant release cause, origin, and timing.  Our work product was provided to the insurance company as well as counsel for downgradient bedrock water supply well owners.


  • Aries conducted a detailed remedial investigation consisting of a soil gas survey, fracture fabric analysis, photo lineament analysis, surface geophysical techniques as well as use of real time data and lab data to strategically locate overburden and bedrock monitoring well installations.
  • Indoor air quality testing, and DNAPL location assessment through groundwater and soil sampling was performed.   
  • Aries immediate response action was to excavate 315 cubic yards of solvent contaminated soil and treat it on-site using soil vapor extraction and radio frequency heating. While this remedial work was being conducted, Aries studied the dissolved contaminant preferential flow paths in the fractured bedrock aquifer so that an appropriate remedial response could be developed for the off-site water supply wells.
  • Aries used a combination of site data to identify a location for a safe water supply for the off-site impacted water supplies.  Fracture fabric and photo-lineament study allowed for a favorable success with the geophysics including resistivity and very low frequency surveys, fracture interconnection testing using released solvents and daughter product ratios as tracers and pumping tests.  
  • Aries sited and developed an alternative water supply well, and prepared design specifications for a water distribution system that provides drinking water to site-area contaminated properties.
  • Continued groundwater monitoring has indicated contaminated source-area groundwater CVOC concentrations have decreased two orders of magnitude;
  • Aries proposed achieving site closure by further reducing the source area residual mass with injections of potassium permanganate oxidant injection and monitored natural attenuation;
  • Aries provided technical/litigation support to Pak 2000 counsel with their claim of damages from the release and provided expert witness services to assist in the defense from homeowners that sued Pak 2000 regarding the release; and
  • The replacement water supply well is operating effectively providing water to the formerly impacted residential water supplies.

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