Aries' Team

  • Peter McGlew

    Peter McGlew, PG
    Principal Hydrogeologist

  • George Holt

    George Holt, PG
    Principal Hydrogeologist

  • Katy Ward

    Kathryn Ward, PE
    Principal Engineer

  • Steve Graham

    Stephen Graham, PE, LSP
    Director of Engineering

  • Rick Kowalski

    Richard Kowalski, PG, LSP
    Director of Hydrogeology

  • Kathy Baxter

    Kathleen Baxter, PG
    Senior Hydrogeologist

  • Jay Johonnett

    Jay Johonnett, PE
    Senior Engineer

  • Ian Clarke

    Ian Clarke, PE
    Environmental Engineer

  • Joe Drebaum

    Joseph Drebaum
    Environmental Scientist

  • Stuart Goldstein

    Stuart Goldstein, GIT

  • Robert Medaglio

    Robert Medaglio, EIT
    Environmental Engineer

  • Kathleen Doyle

    Kathleen Doyle
    Office Administrator

  • Karie Hedglin

    Karie Hedglin
    Assistant Bookkeeper

  • Patsy Jeffery

    Patrice Jeffery

Environmental Consultants in Concord, New Hampshire

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