• Remedial Excavation in Manchester

    Aries completed a major remedial excavation in downtown Manchester that will allow the site to be redeveloped as a hotel.  More than 9,000 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil were transported off-site for disposal.   

  • Tracing Groundwater Flow Pathways

    Background fluorescence analysis (BFA) is a powerful tool that can reveal preferential groundwater flow paths that can improve site characterization and remedy effectiveness by identifying and then focusing site remediation on zones of the highest contaminant transport (flux).

  • ASCE OCEA Award Recipient

    The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently announced redevelopment of the Former Franconia Paper Mill as the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award (OCEA).  Aries is proud to have been the environmental consultant on the redevelopment team.

  • Celebrating 30 Years of Service

    Founded in 1987, Aries is proud to celebrate 30 years of service in environmental consulting.

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