Remedial Excavation in Manchester

Cleanup Makes Way for Hotel Construction

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Aries designed and implemented a major remedial excavation effort in downtown Manchester from August 1, 2017 through October 24, 2017.  As part of the project, an approximate 14,800 square-foot, three-story masonry building was demolished to allow access to the site work area.  Additionally, an unknown leaking underground storage tank was discovered and removed.  

Aries estimated a total of approximately 23,100 cubic yards of soil were managed during the remedial soil excavation work, with the majority of the removed soil reused to backfill the excavation area following removal of the petroleum-contaminated soil at depths between 13 feet and 25 feet below ground surface.  Of this excavated soil, approximately 13,800 tons of soil were observed to be contaminated with petroleum product, including No. 2 and No. 6 fuel oils.  The contaminated soil was transported off-site for thermal treatment.   

January 23, 2018, updated April 16, 2018

Key Points

  • 12 weeks of on-site engineering observation
  • 3 parcels of land totaling 1.24 acres
  • 14,800 square-foot, three-story building demolished
  • 23,100 cubic yards of soil managed
  • 13,800 tons of fuel-oil contaminated soil removed for off-site treatment
  • 1 unknown leaking underground storage tank discovered and removed
  • Future hotel development planned


Remedial excavation George C. Holt, PG
Principal Hydrogeologist

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