Health & Safety Program

Aries has worked hard to protect our most important resource, Aries’ employees.  Aries’ commitment is reflected in our record; we have not had work-related injuries for more than fifteen years, a record we are proud of.

Aries is committed to providing a safe working environment that protects our employees’ health and safety in all aspects of our work, both inside and outside of the office.  Good health & safety habits are formed from the first day on the job and improve with continued training and adherence to our Corporate Health & Safety Program, which conforms to current State and Federal occupational health and safety regulations.

Aries is a proud member of Avetta, a global supply-chain resource that connects clients with safety-conscious suppliers, such as Aries. 


Environmental Consultants in Concord, New Hampshire

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Aries offers geotechnical engineering services!

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