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Aries develops natural hazard mitigation strategies that strike a mindful balance between public, stakeholder and ecological interests using mitigation and adaptation methods to boost the productiveness of natural hazard mitigation planning.  Our natural hazard impact/vulnerability evaluations provide the probable short- and long-term risks associated with the predicted changes in climate.  Aries evaluates several possible resilience strategies, including strategies that benefit existing infrastructure.  The resilience strategies are ranked relative to their overall resilience prior to selection.  Additionally, Aries notes any barriers to mitigation plans and resilience strategies, and recommends methods to gain support.  Aries will assist with the community relations planning and implementation and provide educational/informational communications as needed to increase understanding and public support. 

Aries’ past natural hazard mitigation planning projects have included hydrologic studies and geomorphic assessments.  Aries has also evaluated natural hazards as part of permitting landfills, siting power plants and wastewater treatment plants, and for projects involving river channel dredge permitting and contaminated sediments remediation work.  For these projects, the permitted structure will need to operate effectively during drought and flood conditions.  We have more than three decades of direct experience working with fluvial and coastal systems and have gained an in-depth working knowledge of geology, hydrology, fluvial and coastal geomorphology throughout New England.  Therefore, we understand the coastal and river systems as well as their changes over time with the effects of high energy and more frequent storms. 

Aries uses Geographic Information System (GIS) software to georeference (spatially locate) collected field data, hydrologic data analysis, historical aerial photographs, topographic maps and surveyed plans, and geophysical survey data to assess temporal landform changes, including river channel and coastal erosion and migration rates.  Aries uses the GIS software to manage large datasets so that they can be readily analyzed, interpreted and displayed. 

Aries has conducted surface water and sediment work using marine geophysical survey equipment, including side-scan sonar, real-time transect profiling and long-term stationary bottom current survey equipment to provide river flow velocity, river flow rate, bathymetry, sediment thickness, salinity and conductance data to support surface water and sediment transport modeling.  We have a boat with sediment sampling equipment and an aircraft pilot for low altitude aerial river survey and geomorphic work.

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