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Aries implements environmental models on many projects because well-designed models provide insights into key attributes of specific physical and biological systems that clients and the regulatory community require to make informed decisions.  Therefore, environmental modeling is a large part of our mission to offer reasoned solutions to environmental issues and are of great assistance in safeguarding our natural environment. 

Our models have been relied on to explain scientific phenomenon and predict possible outcomes and behavior in settings where empirical observations are limited.  Aries applies one-, two- and three-dimensional models to: investigate what happened; assess the causes and precursor conditions of why it happened; or forecast potential outcomes.  These tools can improve our understanding and characterization of complex environmental systems under existing conditions or possible future scenarios, thus have an important role in environmental management. 

Aries’ modelers are specialists and have extensive training and experience in the development and application of models to assess: air dispersion and deposition; stormwater runoff; groundwater flow and solute transport; groundwater and surface water interaction; surface water and sediment transport; geomorphic changes; and geochemical systems.  Aries uses verified and validated proprietary software packages for environmental simulations with pre- and post-processing capabilities.

Aries uses state-of-the-art graphical modeling tools to develop, test and run models. Graphical visualization of model results is the key to communicating the significance of the results to other project personnel such as design engineers, owners and regulators.  Additionally, Aries' formal training in computer modeling and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gives us the flexibility to create new tools to process and analyze data, allowing us to complete a project properly and efficiently.

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