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Aries’ award-winning redevelopment strategies have resulted in the successful purchase and beneficial reuse of contaminated “Brownfields” properties throughout New Hampshire and New England.  Aries has assisted numerous clients with cost-effective and timely site assessments and investigations, remediation planning and design, and construction management services that have helped return environmentally-distressed properties back to active use.  Aries has successfully completed state-approved remedial action plans for multi-million-dollar Brownfields redevelopment projects and has assisted Brownfields applicants with financial assistance loans to facilitate site redevelopment.  Our staff also assisted the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) with writing the state’s first Brownfields law and integrated Brownfields/Standards for Reporting and Remediation of Contaminated Sites rules.

Aries has extensive experience with both voluntary programs and risk-based approaches to clean up Brownfields properties.  We are familiar with federal- and state-level regulations through our experience in a broad range of voluntary cleanup projects.  Aries’ knowledge of Brownfields cleanups helps bring real estate brokers and buyers to the table and facilitate property transfers.

Key components of the Brownfields site redevelopment process include the following services: 

  • Site Assessment and Investigation
  • Remediation Planning and Implementation
  • Risk-Based Site Corrective Actions
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

In addition to the technical aspects of a Brownfields project, Aries understands a project’s success often depends on the public’s positive perception of it.  The role and participation of the public and local communities have increased in the recent years and can greatly influence the decisions relative to a project.  To avoid prohibitive costs due to strong community oppositions, delays and even litigation, a well-planned public involvement and communication strategy needs to be developed.

Aries' community technical assistance programs help to secure public confidence needed for a successful project by addressing public concerns before they become problems, managing information flow and media relations, resolving conflicts, and translating technical issues and regulations into understandable language for the public.  Our senior project staff have planned, organized, and participated in dozens of public meetings and hearings; prepared permit applications, fact sheets, newsletters and other mailings; conducted small personal meetings with community members; and provided telephone and neighborhood canvassing in order to ensure that community stakeholder's needs are addressed.  Our community relations specialists can assist with identifying issues, analyzing conflicts, meeting government requirements for public involvement, designing effective strategies, providing public education and outreach, and assisting with media relations and information management.

Our familiarity and in-depth understanding of federal, state and local environmental rules stem from decades of environmental project work in New Hampshire and throughout New England. 

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