• Environmental Due Diligence

    Unforeseen liabilities can cost the organization dearly and in some cases result in criminal penalties. Find out about how Aries can guide you safely through the due diligence process!

  • Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning

    We can help you to identify the risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters, and develop effective strategies to protect people and property from hazards.

  • Environmental Compliance Assistance

    Aries provides commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional clients with tools to help meet environmental regulatory requirements.

  • Environmental Permitting

    Environmental rules and regulations are constantly changing. We can periodically assess your permit status and assist you in updating those permits.

  • Environmental Assessment

    Aries’ staff has extensive experience over the last thirty years in site investigations, remedial assessments, feasibility studies, indoor air quality testing and more.

  • Site Remediation Services

    Aries offers expert guidance in remedial design, corrective action planning, construction observation, remedial system operation, maintenance, and monitoring.

  • Water Supply Engineering

    Our scientists provide state-of-the-art water resource exploration and development. We can also help you to protect the water supply using best practices and technologies.

  • Waste Water Engineering

    Aries Engineering can help you and your clients to improve your wastewater treatment facilities to meet stringent local and federal requirements for industrial discharge permits.

  • GIS Mapping and Data Management

    Our expert personnel have the knowledge, three decades of experience and training to meet your GIS and Data Management needs.

  • Brownfields Redevelopment

    Aries has assisted numerous clients with the successful purchase and beneficial reuse of Brownfields and other contaminated properties.

  • Hazardous Building Material Surveys

    Aries provides full-service Hazardous Building Material Surveys, including assessments for asbestos and lead-based paint and other hazardous building materials, to identify unknown hazards before demolition and renovation work, and to keep the project moving forward safely and cost-effectively.

  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

    When you must respond to legal matters, our technical experts can help you and your attorneys understand the technical requirements imposed upon you, as well as the associated costs. For matters that proceed to court for resolution, Aries can also testify as your environmental expert.

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Our New Look

After three decades, Aries is unveiling an updated logo and website. Our new logo includes a new symbol, fresh colors, and an updated font. We chose a new logo that reflects a simple, modern look with a subtle environmental connection to reflect the work we do. We feel the new look symbolizes our evolution over the past 30 years.